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The truth of the matter is that you would be mad to buy your shoes on line!

Golf shoes are the most important piece of equipment for any type or level of golfer.

You’re out on your feet in all weather s for up to 5 hours and walking over some less than flat terrain so why would you not want to have the best for your feet? With golf being one of the most demanding sports around i personally can’t think of a worse way to play, I mean 6 miles in shoes that slip with no grip coupled up with wet and aching feet..... Sounds fun right? I think not!

No stock....Wrong Size....Doesn’t fit....Not my style....Colour looked different in picture.... A week for delivery....

These are things we hear every day

How to find the right Golf Shoe?

Our staff help provide golfers with essential information about our range of shoes; the major focus of this is to measure the degree of stability and grip desired. Once this information is given we can offer you the choice of something traditional or something sportier in appearance. Not to mention a huge variant of colours, again just black and white have gone with seemingly every shade of the rainbow now available. Plus the other fact is that we don’t all have perfect feet with one in three of us having odd feet not to mention other problems such as wide feet and fallen arches.

The main change in golf shoes over the years has been the shift in the way the shoe grips the turf within the swing. Gone the days of the old fashioned metal spike with most golfers now prefer a moulded dimple style sole. And even many of the world’s top players now preferring a dimple sole.

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